Tired of all your Sith classmates looking like every other person you encounter in the galaxy, not to mention several of their classmates? Seriously, Kel Algwinn, Tamlen, Adrenas and at least one unnamed Sith student make it look as though there's a cloning facility hidden in the Academy somewhere (and they used Carth's friend Jordo as the DNA source).

This is (hopefully) part one of a project to reduce the duplication and make plot characters not look like every other random extra wandering the galaxy but given my attention span, I figured I'd better put out what I have as it gets done because who knows when I'll get around to tackling the next character.


Unique Thalia May Appearance

screenshot screenshot
Download Now
To Install:
Unzip this file to your hard drive and run TSLPatcher.exe. If prompted, select your LucasArts\SWKotOR folder. The patcher will copy the files to your override folder and make the necessary edits to your 2da files and utc files.

Things to be aware of:
  • You must not have entered the Shyrack cave yet for the changes to take effect.
  • This can be combined with Shem's "Robes for Korriban Students" mod, but must be installed after that one. Shem's pre-edited file will overwrite mine if installed last; my installer will update his file if it exists, allowing you to have both (though he changed Thalia to a red-head; that change will be replaced).
Thanks to:
  • Fred Tetra for the KOTOR Tool
  • stoffe -mkb- for the TSL Patcher
  • cchargin & jdnoa for mdlops
  • VarsityPuppet for the HeadFixer (yay for new tools after all this time!)

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