Carth Romance Fix

Or "Hey! Why do Male Revan and Bastila get to have all the fun?"
The first time I played through the Carth romance, I was a little disappointed in how the scene on the beach after the temple on the Unknown World played out. But I shrugged it off as "Oh well, that's just the way it is." Until I found out that the male PC gets to kiss Bastila (and that depending on how you navigate the dialogue, she can insist upon it!). Now that's just not right! Bastila gets to demand to be kissed, and all I get is a suggestive whisper about "when all this is over"? And then the more I looked at this scene, the more annoying it was -- Carth's telling the woman he loves her from about 10 feet away, and they're not even making eye contact when Mission chimes in with "Sheesh, get a room, will ya?" much less doing anything that actually warrants that remark. So I got out my director's hat -- "OK, on this line I want you to move here, and at this point, I want this camera..." and this is what I ended up with :)
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To Install:
Copy all of the files in the "override" folder into your Override folder.
Copy the file in the "sound" folder to your LucasArts\SWKotOR\streamwaves\m41aa\cart04 folder.

To Uninstall:
Delete all the files you just unzipped.
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Thanks of course to the Fred Tetra for the KOTOR Tool, and to pretty much everyone who has a sticky tutorial in the Holowan Labs. If I didn't use the knowledge this time, it's filed away for future reference.

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Version history
v1.0Initial Release
v1.1Fixed a flaw in the original version of the dialogue where the romance branch is only accessible through one of Juhani's lines. If you killed her back on Dantooine during your training, you used to be out of luck finishing the romance. Not anymore!